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    This is a true story that identifies the challenges that many people face in their lives but rarely mention them. Those who face these complaints find them too sensitive to talk about. It brings up memories that they are trying to forget because of the emotional stress that falls upon them when they think about the situations that they had to face and could not do anything about.


    This story explains why we are so very sensitive to criticism. First as children, then as adults. The source of our disruptive behavior, insecurity, self-doubt, is the result of a bad relationship with our first teacher, our mother. What happens to the children mentally when she expresses disapproval of them based on their perceived faults and mistakes? What happens when they began to feel unloved?  What happens when she makes them to feel as though it is their presence that makes her unhappy?  Does the mother know what she is doing? Does she realize the influence of her actions? Does she realize the effect on her children when she makes unfavorable comments about them to others?

     The actual fact is that if you want a better society, a better world, a better community, we must first and foremost have better mothers. Our relationship with our mothers shapes our attitude, our disposition, and last but not least, our sense of humanity, whether the mother knows it or not. The author "puts to rest" all the ideas that the major source of problems existing in our society today is a dysfunctional family structure, poverty,  the lack of education, abuse of alcohol and drugs, and last but not least, racism. He brings to our attention maybe something that we don't think about and should address. In writing this book the author was able to save himself.





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This author has written several unpublished essays and poems. He also produced and hosted a television program that was a live broadcast for ten years from 1995 to 2005. 


Presently, He has  a YOU TUBE channel that is called  TALKONIT.  If you visit the channel you will get an idea of the author and his works.

The author chose the pen-name  SAMUEL when writing this book in honor of his father. 

He wrote this book because of an event that took place in his life that shook him at his foundation. He struggled for many years to try to overcome.  After 15 years of depression, a person close to him suggested that he write about that struggle and share it with others.  The writing has been therapeutic for the author, and will possibly be therapeutic for the reader.

The author is also available for book signings and speaking engagements.




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