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This book is a classic and in the future it will be on the list of  required reading for all high school and college students, especially those who are active when it involves social issues.

Dr. Alease M. Roberts : retired educator

this book has made me to look at myself a lot closer and examine how  I am rearing my daughter. I love her very much just like her father does, but more than anything we do not want to spoil her by giving her a lot because we can afford it. It may not help in the long run. I think all young parents need  to read this story.

Tina  Pettway 

this is a true story and as a mother I truly have gained so much from reading it. It has strengthened my belief in what I teach my children> I teach them to respect everyone because you don't know what people have gone thru or had to survive to still be around. My husband and I are proud of the fact that we have been good parents and reading this story has given us encouragement an inspiration


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