This book is a picture of my life and I am very much inspired by the author to acknowledge something that most of us would rather hide because we are too proud to admit that our family had issues. I applaud the author because his work has allowed me to open up and heal my own personal wounds.

                                                             Mrs. E. Milner


  I just finished reading your book.  Man!  I had no idea.  It’s amazing all you have accomplished in spite of the absence of love from the first person that is suppose to indeed introduce love to us.   I thank God for the wonderful examples of love and inspiration that you did receive from your father, sister, grandmother and aunt.  May your life continue to be an inspiring example of their sacrifices.  Thank you for sharing this difficult experience with your readers.  

                                                            Ms. Michelle Porter

I have always said "the mother is the first world of the child" and she has power . Your book verifies everything that I have always believed. "better mothers will make a better world".  I applaud your efforts and your courage to acknowledge your life with your mother.

                                                              Helen Ross

"a cautionary tale of love and loss". The curious thing about loss is it makes you recall the joy of a relationship and as well the pain amidst  love. When you love someone , care must be given to that love so that it won't destroy the character of the person loved.

                                                                 Alma Dobson

Power Beyond the Grave  is a very intriguing story of how the power of death is never final but lives in us and thru us forever.

                                                                 Cheryl E. Oliver

This is a compelling work about dysfunction in a middle class African American family in the south, one that was educated and wealthy in the 1930's . Life stories of this sort are uncommon and should be read.

                                                                Dr. Virginia Banks




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